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Residential Design by B. Pila

Spanning the United States, the South and Central Americas, and the Caribbean, our portfolio shows depth and breadth with residential projects representing all styles and periods between.

What’s the true hallmark of our work?… A home that reflects you, but also promotes your desired lifestyle. Based upon an initial consultation, we propose a variety of individual services, as well as unique package options.

We look forward to meeting with you soon… In the meantime, take a peek at some of Bea’s proudest interpretations brought to life.

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Schoolhouse Road - Miami, Florida


Grand Estate - Grand Cayman Islands


Hollub homes


Eclectic, Artistic & Unafraid of Color


Cool & Calm Tones with Cuban Roots


Earthy & Elegant with a Flair for Entertaining

A Waterfront Retreat with Zen Intentions

An Uplifted Modern Revival

Warm, Organic & Textural Contemporary

A Spacially Conscious Sanctuary

An Antique Enthusiast's Classical Villa

Elegance & Serenity Found in Blue

Harmonious Style Fusion

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Bea Pila

Stories of Inspired lives

Amparo Bravo

"There has to be a connection between you and your designer to achieve a sacred space. Bea was that designer for me. What makes her so talented is her ability to understand and articulate your personal style. In working with her, we ended up with a beautiful home that reflects our interests and exudes warmth and love. Perhaps most special is that it enables us to give back by entertaining our family and friends, engaging and sharing a bit of ourselves - what’s more sacred than that?"

Stories of Inspired lives

Brian Smith

"Bea really helped us put together a home that captures who we are. Friends have said our home has a resort vibe; a certain zen they experience immediately upon entering the property. That can only be accomplished by focusing on the smallest of details. The end result is a living space that achieves both form and function, and most importantly, creates a specific feel representative of the things we love."

Stories of Inspired lives

Desiree Morales

"When I brought on Bea to help with the building of my new home, I had the core plans nailed down... or so I thought! After engaging us, she suggested that we completely change our spaces around to better suit our ideal lifestyle. She really saved us, as before I had liked what I had put together, but couldn’t quite envision it. Now, I have all the clarity and not one doubt that my family and I will be comfortable and happy living here."

Stories of Inspired lives

Lisa Lopez

"From the day my husband and I first met Bea, we felt comfortable putting ourselves in her hands. She has this incredible ability to embody who we are and make everything feel so balanced. I adore the whole house, but the upstairs master bedroom cabana meant for just my husband and me is particularly special. It lures us in every time to relax and reconnect."

Stories of Inspired lives

Maria Llord

"Bea undoubtedly commands many extraordinary qualities both professionally and personally, but what I love so much about her is that the whole process evolved from designer/client relations to a bond of friendship between us, and still to this day. From the start, Bea listened, asked questions, and much to my delight, I progressively saw how she interpreted my words and produced beauty and functionality. Everything aspect of my home brings me joy and reconnects me to myself."

Stories of Inspired lives

Marivel Mederos

"Bea Pila’s talents are endless and by all means not surprising to those who know her. Personally, she has transformed my home into an amazing living space. I am still in awe of its beauty. She knows how to capture your needs and combines them with her sense of style and elegance and Voila... a “sacred space” is created. Thank you Bea!"

Stories of Inspired lives

Mina Shah

"Step by step, as you read each chapter and answer each question, you will feel your heart and your spirit open up. Step by step, you will get in touch with the parts of yourself that are sacred and that bring you joy, and when you complete the journey, you will find, as I did, that home really is where your heart is."

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