We invite you to attend the Design Enlightenment Wellness Retreat, a four day seminar taking place during a 7 day retreat at the Rancho La Puerta wellness resort and spa.

Tucked away in a fertile valley at the base of Mount Kuchumaa, Rancho La Puerta provides an idyllic setting to pause, breathe, and reflect on who you are and who you want to be in the world. The seminar is presented by Bea Pila of B. Pila Design Studio, Author of Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living, Pioneer of the Design Enlightenment Movement and Creator of the Sacred Soulful Sundays Podcast. The Seminar is a series of interactive retreats that will help you revisit and refresh your values and purpose, and develop a game plan for how to live your best life. Topics will include gratitude; mindfulness; nurturing your social, emotional, and spiritual relationships; and positive adaptations to the stress and tension inherent in our lives. Our Seminar will dovetail nicely with the Ranch’s comprehensive wellness offerings which include: delicious plant-forward cuisine featuring fresh produce grown on the property; a wide variety of activities such as hikes and trail runs, tennis, spin class, salsa dancing, pilates, yoga, sculpting, and jewelry making; complete spa services; and a rotating faculty of guest presenters who speak on a wide variety of wellness topics.

For those of you who have yet to experience Rancho La Puerta, or have concerns about your safety during pandemic times, click here for a sampling of testimonials from satisfied customers who have been Ranch guests since its reopening in early September.

"Bea has designed several projects for us and she amazes us more and more each time. We have put her up for challenges and she always gracefully accepts the venture, delivering nothing less but excellence. She understands her clients taste, special needs and requests and has the capacity to transform an empty and old room into the most spectacular living space. Bea’s interpretation of interior design in our home and business have changed our way of living. We absolutely don't make any design decisions without first calling her."

– Yani & Arnaldo Bomnin

"Quite simply, working with Bea is awesome. We hit it off from the moment we met, and she guided me in transforming two homes that I initially really didn’t like into ones that now feel just right. What is most impressive about Bea is how understands what you want, even when you’re not sure yourself. She had me pick out a few photos that I liked and from those she identified and executed my design personality perfectly. I’d do it all again with her in a heartbeat."

– Zoraida Montero

"There has to be a connection between you and your designer to achieve a sacred space. Bea was that designer for me. What makes her so talented is her ability to understand and articulate your personal style. In working with her, we ended up with a beautiful home that reflects our interests and exudes warmth and love. Perhaps most special is that it enables us to give back by entertaining our family and friends, engaging and sharing a bit of ourselves - what’s more sacred than that?"

– Amparo Bravo

"Bea really helped us put together a home that captures who we are. Friends have said our home has a resort vibe; a certain zen they experience immediately upon entering the property. That can only be accomplished by focusing on the smallest of details. The end result is a living space that achieves both form and function, and most importantly, creates a specific feel representative of the things we love."

– Brian Smith

"Mies Van Rohe, the architect who proclaimed 'God is in the details,' would have adored Bea Pila."

– Charlyne Varkonyi Schaub, The Miami Herald

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bea Pila decorating and space planning my office as well as my home. She truly has an eye for design and recreated my vision. I am reaching out to her again for my daughter’s new home and know that she will once again do a FANTASTIC job."

– Connie Bardisa Alem

"When I brought on Bea to help with the building of my new home, I had the core plans nailed down... or so I thought! After engaging us, she suggested that we completely change our spaces around to better suit our ideal lifestyle. She really saved us, as before I had liked what I had put together, but couldn’t quite envision it. Now, I have all the clarity and not one doubt that my family and I will be comfortable and happy living here."

– Desiree Morales

"Thanks to these atypical combinations, the acrylic [of B. Pila's Hide & Seek collection] is endowed with an unforeseen versatility. The result is surprising pieces, with no defined style, a blend of past and future."

– House Trends magazine

"I’ve know Bea for more than 25 years, over the course of which we’ve built two homes. We instantly clicked. She adapts to her client’s taste without imposing her own, while guiding and advising with her practical eye for comfort and her own impeccable taste. She is a great team player with all the professionals on the job and makes the entire construction experience less stressful - even enjoyable! The best affirmation we can say about Bea is that we are about to start building house #3, something we would never attempt without her expertise and valuable guidance. We’re blessed to have met someone who has contributed so abundantly in helping us create beautiful, cozy, and comfortable homes that we have cherished and enjoyed so much with our family and friends."

– Ileana Garcia

"It’s design to make you smile."

– Jessica Ronky Haddad, Richmond Magazine’s RHome

"Bea Pila shares both style and a love for vintage acrylic with her equally talented daughter, Gabriela Noelle. This mother-daughter duo has turned interior design on its head with [their] furniture and accessory collection. Hide & Seek is an eye-catching dream."

– Kat Armas, Fisher Island Magazine

"From the day my husband and I first met Bea, we felt comfortable putting ourselves in her hands. She has this incredible ability to embody who we are and make everything feel so balanced. I adore the whole house, but the upstairs master bedroom cabana meant for just my husband and me is particularly special. It lures us in every time to relax and reconnect."

– Lisa Lopez

"Bea and I go way back. When I hired her to help with the remodeling of my home, it was an extremely difficult time for me and my wife, who had fallen ill. Diana met with Bea just prior to becoming gravely ill. Bea was instrumental in creating a warm, comforting home that conveyed exactly my wife’s vision. As the owner and builder for the project, I learned a great deal professionally from her as well, such as space planning, symmetry, and a great attention to detail that make even the smallest elements mean all the difference."

– Luis Barreto

"One look at the oeuvre of Miami-based interior designer Bea Pila and it's easy to imagine that her mantra may very well be 'never slow down'...The result is an edgy yet versatile line, titled Hide & Seek - that challenges the status quo with look-at-me pieces featuring classic sillouettes in unexpected materials like bright hide and acrylic."

– Luxe Interiors

"Beatrice Pila and her design firm have always been an A+ firm when it comes to talent, professionalism, and respect from the design community and her clients. She has a great team of people that represent the B Pila brand extremely well. I had the extreme honor to interview her for an upcoming piece in Upscale Magazine and not only did I leave with great information for my article, I also left with great life lessons about being true to yourself and following your passion."

– Maria Elena Holguin

"Bea undoubtedly commands many extraordinary qualities both professionally and personally, but what I love so much about her is that the whole process evolved from designer/client relations to a bond of friendship between us, and still to this day. From the start, Bea listened, asked questions, and much to my delight, I progressively saw how she interpreted my words and produced beauty and functionality. Everything aspect of my home brings me joy and reconnects me to myself."

– Maria Llord

"The moment I came across Bea’s work, I knew I had to have her redesign my own house. More than just a designer, she’s like the good friend who just gets you. She took my inspirations and realized them in a way that I could never initially imagine. From the open family room/kitchen to the tranquil oasis master bedroom, I love every space within our new home."

– Maria Machado

"Bea Pila’s talents are endless and by all means not surprising to those who know her. Personally, she has transformed my home into an amazing living space. I am still in awe of its beauty. She knows how to capture your needs and combines them with her sense of style and elegance and Voila... a “sacred space” is created. Thank you Bea!"

– Marivel Mederos

"Bea has an innate eye for the design of business. When helping me design my nail salon, she found use for every crevice of the space to maximize either operations, the guest experience or incremental income opportunities. The salon was so beautiful and comfortable that nearly everyone that came in couldn't help but sit back and stay for awhile."

– Marizza Contreras

"I can think of NO ONE else that I would rather work with for any kind of impactful design & execution. Bea is simply one of the most creative human beings I've ever had the privilege to know."

– Michelle Villalobos

"[Bea Pila's] limited-edition line of Suzani furniture emulates that same youthful fascination of a young girl discovering her life's passion, yet each piece possesses a refined aesthetic that results from Pila’s nearly thirty years of professional experience in the design industry."

– Morgan Miller, South Florida Luxury Guide

"I have come to know Bea for more than 25 years. She never failed to display the highest degree of creativity and ambition. She has a true skill and creative talent in bringing the very best features out of a house and we were truly happy with the overall outcome of her work. It is also comforting that she works very well with budget constraints and helped ease the process for us. B. Pila Design Studio is an elite Interior Design Firm with a very professional staff that catered to our every need."

– Ricardo Cajigas

"What we love most about the [B. Pila Design] mother-daughter Hide & Seek collection is that it truly transforms the idea of conventional design, breathing new life into acrylic and striking the perfect balance of traditional sophistication and inspired imagination."

– South Florida Luxury Guide

"I have been a part of Sacred Soulful Sundays since the pandemic shutdown in 2020 and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I have been on a spiritual journey for the last few years and our Sacred Soulful Sunday calls have been exactly what I have been looking for. They have helped me live a more purposeful and intentional life while focusing on gratitude and joy. I now prioritize how I feel, I live with more of an open heart, I practice being more present with the help of meditation. I am inspired, and most of all my new friendships with likeminded women are irreplaceable! I am forever grateful to my dear friend Bea for all of the wisdom she has instilled on our calls, Thank you!"

– Leslie Excell


Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living

Our homes and businesses can be a unique expression and reflection of our personalities, invigorating sanctuaries that welcomes us just as we are. Bea Pila has created Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living as a guide to Design Enlightenment. Her pioneering movement and process grants us the freedom to tap into our hearts and souls as our guide, rather than past conventions of what should be and what once was.


Sacred Spaces for
Inspired Living

Our homes and businesses can be a unique expression and reflection of our personalities, invigorating sanctuaries that welcomes us just as we are. Bea Pila has created Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living as a guide to Design Enlightenment. Her pioneering movement and process grants us the freedom to tap into our hearts and souls as our guide, rather than past conventions of what should be and what once was.