Messages from the Universe I can’t Ignore

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I started knowing that the Universe was guiding me, but I can tell you that it has been quite a while since I have felt that I am in constant communication with Source.

Yes, I know your probably reading this saying, Oh no, Bea has truly gone of to WooWoo land now, and believe me, it isn’t easy to put these ideas and what I believe to be true on paper, I usually just say these things personally to my closest friends,  but I know its time to expand to all of you, my dear readers and extended family.

You see, part of declaring that you are a spiritual healer disguised as an interior designer involves letting the spiritual side speak openly.  It’s kind of like coming out of the closet. For anyone that has denied who they really are, I’m sure you can relate to the feeling that you are not living your authentic self, let alone an authentic life, and for me, authenticity is undeniably a value I treasure and hold sacred.

I have to say having the ability to “hear” messages from your angels, guides, masters or even God has become a regular occurrence for me, and I also know it has been a result of allowing myself to have the space, time and most importantly the stillness through my practice of meditation and prayer. This is an ability that we all have and is our inherent birthright, even if no one tells you this as you are growing up. I remember being a little girl, just naturally having this ability to not only “hear” these light beings, but actually “see” them as well.  But then life happened and reality hit, and it hit hard. In my 20’s and 30’s, my life seemed to fall into a pattern that seemed more like a survivor reality show than an enchanted fairy tale and I know as I look back, that I lost my connection. Literally, I couldn’t hear or see anything anymore, even though knowing what I know today, the messages were still being sent. It’s just that I was on the wrong channel.

We are quite literally like radio transmitters that can only receive the station we are tapped into. It’s impossible to hear a station you are not tuned into even though that station is still transmitting the information in the hopes that you will hear it. If you can simply think of it in this way, you might ask, well what does it take to “tune” in? The answer is vibration. I know this to be true because I have finally evolved beyond the “survival” reality that I created for myself and “raised my vibration” enough to listen to another channel. I recognized that it wasn’t until my emotions, which are just energy in motion, weren’t at a higher vibration that I just couldn’t hear what was being said. I share all of this with you because it is my purpose to do so. To teach anyone who is ready to listen in these simple terms that we can raise our vibrations and tap into a wealth of knowledge and guidance that is readily available and that I feel privileged to experience daily. Every emotion has a vibrational energy or transmission attached to it and if we are dwelling in any of the negative emotions of worry, anxiety, guilt, resentment, and anger, we cannot reap the benefits open to us by vibrating in the frequency of Love.  At the end of the day, there are only two emotions to choose from Fear or Love, and they are the polar opposites that we get to choose from daily.

Luckily today there is a lot of talk about “good vibes” and how we can raise our vibrations and its evolved beyond the psychedelic experiences of the ’60s. This new awareness keeps rising into the mainstream and its fantastic to observe how these WooWoo ideas are no longer considered so weird.  What is wonderful for me is that I really don’t care if I’m thought of as weird, in fact, I truly embrace my weirdness today and I love sharing it every chance I get.

I recently got the ultimate message from the Universe as I dived into my newest commitment to spreading the word and this work to all. I bought a beautiful new deck of divining cards that use crystal mandalas to deliver messages, and after a deep and powerful meditation I pulled a card called “Grace for the Grand Gesture”, and it came just as I committed deeply and financially to professionally sharing my voice through PR and Video with the Design Enlightenment Movement I have created. This is a big deal for me because it means that I have to literally, “Put my money where my mouth is,” and venture into a new world that I have only dabbled in on the fringes of, without quitting my day job! The message on this card hit me hard, and the timing of its appearance, which was the exact day of my kick-off meeting with the people that will help me take my message to the world was just to difficult to ignore. It basically reinforced that it was time to make my Grand Gesture of Faith, with everything I’ve got my heart, my soul, AND my money. Scary yes, very scary but this message could not be ignored. So I’m here to tell you that every cell in my body knew that this card spoke the truth and that it was my higher self and guides showing me the way, and it was up to me whether I listened.

I know that we are always guided and always being shown the way, whether a butterfly glides around us or a pretty little bird shows up on our window or a repetitive number shows up on our screens, but it’s up to us to be open to these messages from the Universe. Of course, we all have the free will to choose whether to listen and see them when they show up, or not, but like I’ve said before, for me at least this is no longer an option. So here goes Universe, I’m ready for more and we shall see what the next adventurous chapter brings, as I hear the door to the closet close behind me,there is no turning back.

Bea Pila is an award-winning interior designer with 30 years of residential and commercial experience. Bea’s work has been recognized by ASID and the International Design Awards and featured by U.S. News and World report, Houzz, and Elle Décor, among others. She is the pioneer of Design Enlightenment, a process for aligning people’s interior spaces with their interior selves.