Why was Design Enlightenment created?

As with any transformative journey, we must start from within. Making the connection to our inner selves and personal yearnings is imperative to becoming of ourselves, which ultimately influences our surroundings, as well.

The Design Enlightenment Movement was created for two reasons, to create an awareness of what we’re doing in our interiors and the way we’re responding instead of coming from the outside in, to come from the inside out as well as to create a process so that people can understand what to do about it.

Give it a try: 

As we interact with our living spaces we can either be uplifted or not. It is my purpose to help you embark on your personal journey of discovery that reaches beyond the limitations of style. Your style may be as distinct as your fingerprint or even more importantly, a creative reflection of your soul, and you may or may not be conscious of its influence on you, depending upon the experiences and conditioning you may have had throughout your life so far

The Design Enlightenment™

This practice is just one way of the ways that I stay grounded and real. Start thinking about your home and the spaces you occupy in a different way. I invite you to pioneer this movement I call Design Enlightenment™ for yourself.  It is about finding out what is right for you in regards to the spaces we live in and give labels to, without the preconceived notions of someone else’s life. This is totally about what works for you, and I help grant you the FREEDOM and permission to use your rooms as you wish, expressing only your true and authentic lifestyle, leading you to happiness, fulfillment, and joy.  Because we all deserve to have our homes feel Sacred!

The story behind Design Enlightenment is how I was able to consolidate the two things that are most meaningful for me: design and soulfulness. It’s how I was able to make sure that I couldn’t begin the process of creating interior design without it starting from a foundation of soul.

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