When a Bedroom Feels The Blue

When I first met this client at her home for a remodel consultation, every room she walked me through was painted a different color.

“I’m tired of living in a clown house!,” she lamented.

They were a family with triplets, so spaces needed to be youthful and durable, but also promote serenity for three energetic minds and busy parents. We de-cided to go in the opposite design direction, creating a harmonious palette of soft blues and white throughout the entire home. Perhaps the most compelling example of putting Design Enlightenment into practice is the master bedroom.

Blue can be a daunting color for a bedroom. Blend it with layers of whites, cremes, and even other soft blues; however, and you get a dreamy effect. Mir-rored pieces and accents in mother of pearl add elegance in a modern way.

This space promotes sleep, but also simple relaxation. Lighting, what I call among the greatest intangibles in design, was a core element here. The re-cessed lights on the ceiling arching around the bed provide general light, though installed with dimmers so that the couple can control the mood easily. Once in bed however, overhead lights can be harsh to look up at, hence why I inserted a central silk Fortuny chandelier. Now they have the additional option to enjoy a soft glow through a beautiful fabric. Should they need task lighting, for say reading, bedside table lamps are just an arm reach away.

Fronting the bed is a lounge complete with chaises for additional recline. Much to my satisfaction, the couple told me that they use this area unwind and catch up with each other every evening. What a beautiful room in which to begin and close each day.

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