Sacred Space Snapshot: Eclectic Living

Throughout my career, I’ve seen and created some stunningly beautiful homes. However, to create a truly sacred space, you have to capture an emotion. The way a room makes you “feel” is the true measure of great design.

When I’m out shopping and come across something that deeply attracts me, it’s usually be-cause there is an interesting story behind it. Once I learn that story, suddenly my desire to own it swells to a necessity. The same thing happens when I create interiors; interpreting my clients’ personal desires and inspirations within their home makes it all the more special and covetable. So, I’ve decided to share a series of stories behind favorite sacred spaces I’ve had the honor of helping to create over the years. The first one couldn’t get any more personal, as it’s my own living room.

Eclectic Living
These days, living rooms tend to be the least lived in…Luckily, not in my case, as I’ve made a point to incorporate everything that my husband and I love in this eclectic room. Whenever we stroll by, it’s nearly impossible NOT to linger here. The open area shares the two-story ceiling of the staircase for an amazing airiness, with classical details and moldings to simultaneously create some intimacy and scale.

Our collection of paintings by a melange of artists both known and unknown are arranged into a larger scale collage piece, and is further dramatized against the black wall backdrop. The furnishings are a blend of modern classics and thrifts shop finds, including a mid-century modern frame up-holstered in my beloved Suzani tapestries. This special piece is shared by my husband and grandson, as they jostle for occupation to enjoy a good book or iPad game.

Elsewhere, I let the textures do the talking…From the creamy rug at your feet, to the soothing velvet chair seats, to the playful shag and tassel pillows that you simply can’t keep your hands off of. Organic accents, like the tree branch lamp, amethyst crystal centerpiece and floral ar-rangements keep me humble in that the ultimate force in design is nature.

As I amble down the stairway each morning or walk through the front door, this room sets the tone for the comfort and connection we’ve created throughout our entire home.

In love and light,