Sacred Space Snapshot: A Room With No Walls

Many people tend to differentiate the way to design an indoor space versus an outdoor space. I say think of them in the exact same way. It is important to think of durability against environmental elements; however, thanks to the continual evolution of technology, we are no longer limited in the options we have. Alas, high durability can now be executed with high levels of design (this is another topic that I plan to explore further with you soon).

Earlier, I took you through a tour of the interiors of Villa Ana Isabel, where our Design Enlightenment analysis compelled us to use the homeowner’s passions to dictate the primary purpose of each room. We continue with this theme to the exteriors, and the overall square footage dedication is so vast that he also perhaps has a fully functioning outdoor home as well.

A full kitchen, BBQ, and bar balance food & drink options, while I layered in a flow of various seating configurations: eating areas, conversational spots, and plush lounges… all accented under the glow of sophisticated lighting fixtures, sculptural art, natural centerpieces, even gaming pieces that add the warmth and completeness expected of an interior space. Billowy curtains in select doorways quietly dramatize the gentle breezes.

Even the outside-specific areas were created in such a way that brings meaning to the homeowner. The pool terrace is anchored around a statement red sculpture from his private collection and a freestanding, vine-wrapped trellis archway further helps hone in on the waterfront views. A pathway to a smaller fountain pool along the side of the villa was transformed into a zen garden, flecked with the homeowner’s beloved bonsai trees.

As design aims to be seamless, these outdoor experiences are never far from the indoor ones. The home office double doors open directly out to the back terrace, where a foosball table beckons a little work-play balance. The master bedroom continues with a private second-floor terrace, and subsequent breezeway ending with a grand scale gazebo for additional al fresco rest and relaxation.

When it comes to these outdoor areas, the sky really is the limit. By giving the same level of detail as we do to our indoor ones, we can embody what it’s like to be home with nature. Let’s get outside and play!

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