King Of Spades Lounge Chair

Helena Lounge Chair

A modern, throne-like lounge chair that envelopes its ruler with an array of textured materials: brindle hair-on-hide, linen, and stonewashed leather offer a regal effect. The embedded acrylic side panels offer a modern lightness contrasting the over-scaled proportions of this striking piece. If you will like to customize this luxury lounge chair with a distinct color or finish of stonewashed leather, hair-on-hide, or your own custom fabric, bespoke options are available and made to rope.

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Brown on Black Brindle

Available Colors

Standard Hair-on-Hide: Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Solid Black, Black on White Salt + Pepper, White on Black Salt + Pepper, Grey Brindle, Brown and Black Brindle, Tan and White Cloud.


Platform: Ebony Painted Finish, Can be finished in any custom color.

Dimensions (W x D x H)

35 x 31 x 45


Hair-on-Hide, Leather, Linen, Acrylic & Wood

Lead Time

8-10 Weeks

Made To Order


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