Finally, My Timing Is Perfect!

Change is in the air. I can feel it and although it’s still a very subtle energy I know its coming. I”ve always been gifted with the ability to see a design trend coming. My only dilemma was that although I would see it, know it in my mind and start interpreting it in my own work, everyone else was slightly behind me, kind of like a movie that is being dubbed and the timing is off. The character is opening his mouth to speak and we hear the words a few seconds later. Except for me it wasn’t seconds, it seemed like years.

This phenomenon for me often manifested in a frustrating way. I would propose an idea to my clients and they simply would be hesitant to embrace it, because the idea had not become mainstream yet. For the first 2 decades of my work as an interior designer I struggled with this gift that was also a bit of a curse. I wanted to be expansive, forward-thinking, a visionary, and all I did was end up dejected that no one was buying into my crazy new ideas. Forcing me to settle back into something more “normal or standard.”

The great news is that our world now has the world, wide, web. The internet has quite literally transformed the speed of new ideas entering into the mainstream and voila…creators like me have benefitted from this immensely. You see, I’ve always believed that ideas are floating around in the collective unconscious waiting to be birthed by those, like myself that are “channeling” these ideas into being. Elizabeth Gilbert spoke so clearly to this in her book “Big Magic.” I was floored by how she described exactly what I had been living through my whole life!

About 3 years ago, I started to become aware of a trend that I was implementing in my work as a designer and space planner. I was asking questions of my clients regarding their “life-styles” versus just their “styles” in order to translate this into my creations. This “real life interrogation” was becoming a critical part of my unique design process. I required a level of authenticity to be revealed in order to assure that a true alignment occurred when I was designing for them, and I found that this process was not only being embraced but hungered for. This is when I knew a shift had taken place that caught me by surprise and motivated me to write a book about it. I call it, Design Enlightenment™.

Now I’m seeing it hitting the mainstream, everywhere I look. In articles in magazines that state that the Living room is going by the wayside, and that the Dining room needs to multifunction or die. Yes, we are finally coming to realize that our homes are stuck in the past and need to better align with our hectic lives of today. I have to say, its refreshing and very validating to know that my ideas are in fact ahead of their time and yet timely.

I’m so thankful to have been motivated enough about this idea to write a book about it, which I know was channeled to me as a gift from above. I’m thrilled to be a pioneer in this movement of Design Enlightenment™ and I know that it will be very mainstream in just a matter of years. It’s awesome to be on the cutting edge of something so transformative. If I’ve peaked your interest, check out my web site, and start learning more about this transformative process by downloading your first chapter and Discovery Questionnaire. I assure you it will shift your thinking and start you on the path to an authentically designed home. Enjoy.

With much Love & Light,