Design Enlightenment®

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"My own journey revealed the awareness and beauty that can be experienced through the proper alignment of one’s lifestyle with their home. I call this Design Enlightenment®, a philosophy too powerful not to share. And it’s a blessing to discover that at this stage in my career, I can shift my purpose as a creator to one who inspires others to fulfill their dreams on a broader scale."


B Pila Interior Designer

Bea Reviews Progress on a Custom-made Sofa at Grafton Furniture

Sacred Soul Sundays: 6 Steps of Awakening

Sacred Soul Sundays: Money

Sacred Soul Sundays: Purpose, Ego and Truth

Sacred Soul Sundays: The 14 Universal Laws

Sacred Soul Sundays: The Body/Soul Connection and Emotion.

Sacred Soul Sundays: The Emotional Spectrum

Sacred Soul Sundays: Values and Ethics

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