A Story of My Own Design Enlightenment™… And a Little Serendipity

Many of you are now aware that B. Pila Design has relocated across 27th Avenue to 3030 SW 28th St. Now that we’ve settled into new digs, I wanted to share the story of how the move has piqued my own “design enlightenment™.”

In this scenario, I’d say it was more of ah-ha for my business design over home design. It all began when I attended the Goldman Saks program. My fellow entrepreneurs were guided in re-fining our vision, mission, and brand proposition for our respective companies and create a sup-porting growth plan. My company has seen much success over the past three decades, but here was an opportunity to elevate my brand to something truly authentic to myself. Achieving this authenticity requires more of my focus, my energy, and my physical presence… Ironically, I discovered that my “growth” plan required me to scale down.

The first opportunity to do so pretty much fell into my lap when our office neighbor reached out with a lead to rent the front showroom space. While pretty to look at, the showroom was never a core requirement for my business, so I was open to the idea. The seeker was the owner of LNS Gallery, who up until this point had looked at 36 properties. Apparently my space was the one! He offered to rent not only the front area, but the entire property with an offer I couldn’t refuse. Here was the perfect chance to tighten my operations, while we build our new “House of Design Enlightenment™” and permanent headquarters for B. Pila Design (more on that to come!). Fur-thermore, it was an honor to lease to an organization that I knew will contribute to the culture and community of my beloved 28th Lane neighborhood.

The experience proved to be really serendipitous when I was taking the gallery owner on a tour of the space. My daughter, Gabi, had a few of her wall installations recently returned from an art show. The works stood out he and Gabi instantly clicked. LNS Gallery’s mission is to shed light local artists. As opposed to importing pieces from other states and countries, he wants to high-light the unique artistry happening right here. He found Gabi a perfect addition for his concept, and invited her to show in his new space.

So, B. Pila Design is happy in our new, smaller home, while a piece of Gabi’s journey into a fine artist remains in our old space. We invite you to come visit both!

P.S. More on my Design Enlightenment™ journey to come!