7 Ways to Bring Mindfulness into your Home with The Design Enlightenment®

Everyone needs to be awakened to The Design Enlightenment®.  This is because everyone deserves to have their home feel sacred. Of course, this feeling is really more of an attitude that starts from our personal experiences of what sacred means to us. No one can deny the feeling we get when we walk “into” the most sacred space of all, which is not even created by us but exists all around us in nature. When we view a beautiful sunset, or reflections on a lake, these moments are sacred and strike a chord with our subconscious mind that cannot be denied.

My aim with The Design Enlightenment® Movement if to have you tap into your heart for answers to your deepest desires, creating your yellow brick road taking you safely home.

The Design Enlightenment® Movement is about finding out what is right for you in regards to the spaces we give labels to, without the preconceived notions of someone else’s life. This is totally about what works for you, and I grant you the FREEDOM and permission to use your rooms as you wish.

As in my journey, we start with our first steps. If the destination is distant or untraveled, it helps greatly to have a road map or a guide. In my many years of creating beautiful and functional interiors as a designer. I have traveled to many personalized destinations for others and can say that as with real traveling, the adventure lies in the uniqueness of the places visited.


    1. EXPLORE
    Look within to truly understand lifestyle; what’s nostalgic, what’s meaningful, what’s inspiring

    Imagine what could be and bring it to life

    Determine how you want to live, the rooms will follow

    Let’s get to work! Develop a scaled floor plan to commence the design execution

    Take your Inspiration and assign each room a function and what the supporting furnishings would entail

    Time to shop! Select furniture and items that meet your functional and personal requirements

    Tell your story through accents, accessories and other details that connect you to the final space

Master the path to Design Enlightenment® with guided workshops and certifications through an unconventional process that promises to accompany design journeyers well beyond the course itself. A carefully-crafted syllabus brings forth the knowledge and tools needed to evolve your spaces into an authentic, meaningful home. It’s transformative. It’s authentic. Most importantly, it’s fun.

At its core, The Design Enlightenment® Movement is actually an awareness. It’s an awakening. That is why it’s a movement. It’s not just about a single thing. It’s about becoming aware of your authentic self. It’s about living your life from the inside out, instead of from the outside in. That’s what it’s all about. If you’d like more information about The Design Enlightenment® Movement, please go to www.bpiladesign.com, where you can download a free four step video series that’ll help get you started on your journey to design enlightenment.