You have permission to play: High-end, made-to-order designer pieces with beautifully curated finishes or customer supllied materials.

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Custom Made

Today, the Bespoke line has grown to over 90 pieces all with the flexibility that acrylic offers to fit into almost any décor. With our curated and vast selection of unique materials and finish options each piece can transform to express your personal style. You may prefer to select from our core collection, which pays homage to the classics of the modern era, or explore our newest additions that take their inspiration from our “furniture manifesto” which states:

WE believe that fun and luxury can live together.
WE believe that stylish and soulful can be in harmony.
WE believe that furniture is art.
WE believe that life is too short to take this all too seriously, so welcome to the freedom to create and be yourself with us!

Custom Made
New Classics


Nothing excites us more than a fellow designer or artist who shares in our design values and soulful philosophy. We’ve partnered with some creative artists and experienced artisans to allow our collections to expand with connective energy, proving that sometimes two minds (or more!) are indeed better than one… especially creative ones.

New Classics

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